You don’t want to find yourself in these situations with your MacBook

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The MacBook is a wonderful computer, and as such follows many of us around wherever our lives may take us. This works out well most of the time, but occasionally a little mishap can result in a whole heap of trouble for your computer. Here, from our customer archive, are a few of the more interesting stories behind some MacBook repairs we've done. We present them to you in the hope that by reading them, you'll avoid a similar situation:

  • In one of the more unlikely repair scenarios we've heard about, a Michigan customer's MacBook was damaged when it was hit by … another MacBook. That's right – the fall of one MacBook ended up putting another one in the market for a screen repair.
  • We all know how luggage can get ruffled up when stowed away. But as a Maryland customer discovered, such disturbances can prove detrimental to one's MacBook. Upon opening her luggage after a trip, she realized the MacBook was damaged. The lesson here is to buy a durable case or always keep your computer outside of the general luggage.
  • In another episode of MacBook causes MacBook repair, a woman's charger for her MacBook fell on the device itself leading to a damaged screen. 
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