You asked for it, more New iPad Repairs

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If you recall, I asked you if you wanted me to post one more set of before/after pictures of a third generation iPad in my blog, Busy week with MacBook Repairs Too, yesterday.  I had 26 people email me directly by the time I got in this morning and the requests kept coming. I’ll grant your wish and post one more set of pictures. By the way, the request is now officially closed so please submit further requests on our FaceBook page. We’ll be adding more pics of broken iPads there (also, I need to re-take control of my inbox!!).  Without further ado, here you are, and remember to click on the images to enlarge:


Broken iPad 3
Repaired iPad 3

Well, there you go.  It has truly been a hectic week for me and all my fellow employees here.  Needless to say, I’m ready for a beautiful weekend here in the heart of America, beautiful Kansas City, MISSOURI.  It has been raining all week and the sun is about to poke its head out the clouds for an extended period of time.  Time to cut some grass and throw back a beer or two.  Have a wonderful weekend everybody.


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