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There’s not much for me to say here. Just take a look at this iPad that was sent to us for one of our Free iPad Diagnostic Services. Of all the iPads we have repaired since its release, nothing even comes close to the damage inflicted on this iPad. It looks like it was put on the racetrack here at Kansas Speedway and left there for an entire race! Ouch.


Luckily, after a thorough examination to determine what needs to be replaced in the iPad, one of our iPad techs was able to repair the device. We had to replace the digitizer, lcd, and backplate. Of course, this was all done within 24 hours once we received an approval on our ultra-low repair price (this was the 32GB version so the replacement price would have been $599 plus tax). The owner even allowed us to take a couple of pictures and blog about the repair. Now it looks good as new. Just take a look at repaired product below.


We are proud to show you that we can take an iPad that is in such a horrible condition and restore it to look good as new for much cheaper than it would cost to buy another iPad outright. Take a look at our iPad Repair Services to find the repair you need. And as always, while you’re here, you should check out our other repair services: iPod Repair, iPhone Repair, Apple Notebook Repair, and Sony PSP Repair. Right on.

(Edit June 14, 2010)
After repairing this iPad and sending it back to the customer, we decided to give him a call to check in and see how things were going. And guess what! He told us the whole story behind this busted iPad and encouraged us to share it with the world!! So how did this iPad get broken? I figured the best way to tell this story is… telling a story!! Here goes:

This is a story of a man, his wife, and an iPad.

This couple took a trip down to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, and the husband, addicted to his iPad, brings it with him.

After a few nights of fun, the wife gets ticked off that her husband is constantly using the iPad. After a few, no a lot of drinks, the wife is finally fed up with her husband and begins to smash the iPad on the ceramic tile floor repeatedly then begins to jump on it over and over and over while the husband is out. Little does the husband know when he walks into the room that this is going on. Oh the horror. His wife, clearly ticked off and inebriated just destroyed his pride and joy!

Here’s the kicker, later on that night the wife decides that she wants to play with the iPad and is upset at herself because of what she just did. Oh the bitter irony.

And so the story is told. Folks, there is a lesson behind this. If your loving spouse is fed up with the amount of time you spend on the iPad, never leave it alone with them!!

So, in my friend Eric’s words, HUZAH!!!!

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