Would you save your iPhone first in a fire?

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Forget the family heirlooms – many people are more likely to save their electronic devices in a fire, according to a recent study.

In a survey of U.K. adults conducted by Kaspersky Lab, 21 percent said they would be most likely to save their laptop, smartphone or tablet (assuming family and pets were safe) in a fire. Respondents were asked to choose from a list of items that might have sentimental or material value.

Photographs were the other popular choice, with 21 percent also choosing this option, but letters scored a more modest 5 percent. Researchers speculated that this may be because most correspondence is now on electronic devices. Five percent of respondents said they would save jewelry, 3 percent would save a doll or a toy, 2 percent would save an antique, and, to the surprise of researchers, 11 percent said they would save their car keys.

While electronic items were highly prized, the study found respondents were less interested in protecting their devices from cybersecurity threats. Sixty-five percent of smartphone owners and 50 percent of MacBook owners had not taken steps to protect their devices. This issue persists despite many reports showing rises in security threats, including another Kaspersky study that found 45 percent of consumers have suffered a form of data loss in the last five years.

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