Would you let your cat use your iPad?

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Typically, most people think of their iPads as tools specifically meant for human usage. But, as it turns out, the tablet's touchscreen functionality makes it ideally suited for your favorite household pets too. Of late, some developers have been thinking outside the litter box and have created apps specifically designed for cats and dogs.

According to Wired, some of the many options available in the App Store that are meant for cats include one that lets felines paint with their paws, a game that's meant for humans and their pets to play together and one that imitates a pond – an app that any hungry cat is sure to love.

These are far from the only pet-themed apps available, as All Things Digital reported that developers have created a number of programs for cat and dog lovers. Some of the ones they highlighted included an app that shouts commands to Fido when you're out of the house and one that makes it easier for animals lovers to take a picture of their pets.

Of course, if you're going to leave your guard dog alone with your tablet or let your cat get paw prints all over your iPad's screen, then don't be surprised if your beloved device quickly falls into disrepair. Luckily, you can always turn to iResQ's iPad repair services should your pet have a little too much fun with your tablet.

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