With no more being made, having an iPod means repairing an iPod

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Here's sad news for all Apple fans: the once iconic iPod will no longer be supported by Apple. The iPod classic still has some of the least-expensive and most-expansive 160GB of internal storage, which isn't available on most audio players that aren't phone-based. This product, which made Apple a household name and gave it the reputation as a trend-setting superstar of the decade, is now sadly no longer going to be supported. The iPod completely changed the way the world thought of portable music – without it there would likely be no iPhone, and smartphones in general might be considered something reserved for businesses instead of something for consumers in general. 

As Apple continues to innovate, it may wind up doing the same thing for other types of products – the most recent Apple Watch is a good example of the kind of product that the company now pins its hopes on as starting a new trend. It's too early to tell as of now. 

Goodbye to a classic
The iPod Classic's discontinuing has provoked outrage and upset news stories from people across the net, including ZDNet's Colin Barker. Criticizing the move as a bid for more money, Barker pointed out that the Classic has the most memory available – 160 GB is a lot even now. Even now, Apple hasn't officially announced the discontinuing of the iPod. Instead, it is simply impossible to find the iPod on Apple's website. 

What this means for consumers who already have an iPod and want to keep a hold of it is that it is time to get well-versed in iPod repair, or to find places that repair iPods. The iPod classic's internal hard drive has a few moving parts that can potentially bend, break or snap if it hits a surface with enough force, so it is important to make sure that you understand how to take care of it so that it doesn't break and, if the worst does happen, are able to take care of it. The iPod Classic can have problems in the long-term with the mechanical action of its switches and its buttons, but they are fixable.

If you're a proud owner of an iPod classic, make sure to keep it in good condition and handle it carefully. And if anything bad happens to your device, we're here to help you fix it with an iPod repair and put it back to use. 

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