With new tablet, Samsung targets education

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Smart devices are fundamentally changing the way we educate our children, and it's not hard to imagine a future where every student is equipped with a tablet that helps enhance his or her educational experience. To that end, Samsung is playing its part in making this idea a reality.

Specially tailored Samsung educational tablet hits the market
Samsung announced on May 15 that it is debuting a 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab 4 Education aimed at meeting the unique needs of kids and teachers in the classroom. Samsung's release of the device represents an understanding on the company's part that education is becoming increasingly digital. No longer are lessons confined to four walls and a single teacher. With a Tab plugged into a network, the world becomes a classroom.

“Samsung is committed to powering education by empowering educators, and this requires technology that is built specifically for the classroom environment,” Tod Pike, senior vice president at Samsung's Enterprise Business Division, said. “”This new Galaxy Tab, designed for education, is an important step toward achieving that vision as it combines the accessibility and engagement of our leading tablet devices with simple, intuitive management tools to foster a more interactive and effective learning environment..”

The Tab is currently available for $369.99, and features a 10-hour charge (more than enough time to make it a suitable field trip companion), an easily navigable console, and a “Ruggedized, Protective Case.” 

There are many ways this tablet can prove instrumental in enhancing the classroom experience. Because of its connection to the Internet, for instance, the device would enable the easy establishment of, say, a virtual pen-pal program with a group of students from overseas. The new tablet also presents a potential means of better individualizing education. If, for instance one student is significantly ahead of the rest of the class in math, a teacher can provide that student with an app on the tablet that's commensurate with that student's abilities. As with all great educational technology, Samsung's new device is meant to add to the teaching experience. Teachers who worry about kids losing themselves in the tablet's screen needn't worry. If properly deployed, they devices can actually serve to enhance the attention students pay to their lessons, by providing activities that better engage the kids with the material.  

In the educational sphere, repairs are an inevitability
Let's face it: There's no way these educational tablets are going to flow into widespread use without a whole bunch of repair incidents arising. As durable as the construction of their shell may be (the device is uniquely designed to withstand rough elementary school terrain). If you thought you're clumsy with your technological devices, just think about what could go wrong with a bunch of kids in a classroom.

Fortunately, there are Samsung repair services like the ones offered by iResQ that are both cost-effective and quick. When you send a device to our warehouse, you guarantee the repair will be carried out with supreme quality and great efficiency.

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