With new acquisition, Apple aims to enhance smartphone screen

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When it comes to the screen quality on its different devices, nobody does it better than Apple. The birth of the Retina display ushered in a new age of crystal clear computing, and suddenly the average Apple user had a small movie screen at his or her fingertips (just don't throw popcorn at the screen or you may find yourself in need of a cell phone repair shop). But when you're the company that sets the bar for display quality, you also have to keep it there – and, whenever possible, raise it. With the reported purchase of new smartchips designed to bolster image quality, Apple is doing exactly that.

A reported partnership may bring even better image quality to Apple
The Japanese-based company Renesas SP Drivers has a very specific goal: making tiny chips that, when used with smartphones and tablets, can help enhance the liquid display, according to The Wall Street Journal. Proving that small things can have big success, the company is valued at up to $482 million — and Apple may be willing to pay every penny of that to acquire the technology.

According to MacRumors, Apple is keen on investing in the chip technology in order to add even more sharpness of image resolution to its iPhone and iPad lines.

Though Apple is declining to comment on the reportedly impending purchase, experts say such a move would be consistent with the tech giant's focus on ensuring its products stands out from the pack. Since the iPhone's debut in 2006, for example, Apple has made a number of decisions geared toward guaranteeing the smartphone retains its singular appeal. These include investing in a special chip designer in 2008 that has allowed the company to equip its smartphones and tablets with the most robust processors out there.

“For the iPhone to maintain its premium image, it has to keep pushing its technology forward, especially in displays,” said industry analyst Mark Newman.

For its part, Renesas is keeping quiet on the reported partnership, issuing a statement neither confirming nor denying the reports of its involvement with Apple. And whether this new technology will help prolong the life of a device's screen and stave off the need for an iPhone screen repair remains to be seen.     

While they're at it, Apple is also boosting the display quality of their stores
Nobody can ever accuse Apple of complacency. In addition to actively strengthening the quality of their screens, it seems the company is also making sure the stores that sell their products are up to snuff. Now keep in mind that Apple is not currently lacking in the cool storefront department. After all, their vaguely Kubrickian, whitewashed and tech-glossy stores have gained ubiquity in shopping malls and city streets worldwide.

But a new Apple store design in Turkey is putting all current stores to shame, according to Apple Insider. The store — which is slated to open in mid-April in an underground shopping center — features an apparently seamless glass construction, a strikingly beautiful site even by Apple's standards. One lucky Instagram user got to see the site as soon as it was unveiled, and took this snap for the world to see. If you were looking for one more reason to visit Turkey, this store is your answer.

Many people have described Steve Jobs as relentlessly perfectionistic and rarely, if ever, satisfied. While that might not have made him the most content person in the world, it certainly served his company well. And clearly that spirit of always striving for better outlives him.

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