With iPad Pro on horizon, users busy themselves with iPad Air

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If an iPad represents a meeting point between the MacBook and the iPhone, then what do you get when you want the MacBook and the iPad to meet somewhere in the middle? Apple's answer reportedly is the iPad Pro – an almost 13-inch device that, while larger than current tablet devices, will also be a more sophisticated and business-centered product. News about the product is confined mostly to industry insider projections. According to one of those insiders, Robert Jacques, the iPad Pro may be released sometime this year. Because its reportedly 12.9-inch screen will surpass even the MacBook Air's screen in size (which sits at 11.6 inches), it may more closely resemble one of Apple's laptops than the compact tablets we're accustomed to. But the added size serves a purpose, reportedly making it a more business-friendly device. According to Forbes, the Pro will likely feature a 4k display. To put that in perspective, the iPad Air's retina display is only 2K. As Forbes pointed out, Apple's challenge with the Pro will be to make a tablet that's still as thin and transportable as its brethren. Otherwise it ceases to be a tablet and crosses over into laptop territory.    

Appeal of iPad Air spreading like wildfire
But most consumers aren't sitting around waiting for the iPad Pro to hit shelves. Instead, they're busying themselves with Apple's iPad Air, a product that's been flying off shelves since its release in November and currently accounts for more than 40 percent of iPad sales, according to CNET. December sales for the Air even outstripped those of the Mini.

The fact that Air sales usurped Mini sales suggest that consumers may value screen space over compactness. If that's the case, there may be a large market for a product like the iPad Pro. Whatever iPad you end up choosing, make sure you get all your iPad repair needs met to ensure it stays in top shape.

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