Will a Wallet Case Protect My iPhone from Getting Scratched or Dented?

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We totally get the appeal of a wallet iPhone case. They’re convenient, they’re customizable, and they make it easier to pack light for a night on the town. Unfortunately, though, most of the cheaper versions of these cases won’t actually protect your phone, and you will have to hunt for a case that will offer you any real protection.

Open Wallet Cases Won’t Protect Your iPhone

Sites like Redbubble have started selling cases that hold your phone, credit cards, and ID all in one place. They’re often totally customizable and pretty cheap compared to buying both a case and a wallet. However, many people don’t realize how lightweight these cases actually are.

Many times, they only adhere to the back of your phone using a strip of sticky material. If you were to drop your phone, all its sides remain uncovered, setting it up for damage. Also, if the flap were to open, your phone wouldn’t be protected at all unless you have a glass screen protector. Most of the time, these flip-wallet cases don’t do much to enclose and protect your iPhone.

Another Option for Wallet-Case Lovers

There are actually some wallet-cases that can be very protective of your phone, but you might have to look a little harder to find these options. They can also be a little pricier.

For example, Otterbox has put out a phone case that holds your credit cards, flips open, and still cradles your phone like a regular case. There are also cases, like this Spigen option found on Amazon, that have secret compartments for your cards that slide open easily. This way, you can still carry your cards around with your phone and know your device will be protected.

What Should I Do If I Damage My Phone?

If you did buy one of the flimsier models of iPhone wallet-cases, you might have already ended up with a scratch or a broken screen. Don’t worry! We can fix your phone so it’s good as new. We will give you a free diagnostic session along with a breakdown of what we will do when we fix your phone and how much it will cost. After that, if you give us the go ahead, we will fix your device and return it to you within 24 hours.

Call today to learn more about our services or to ask any questions you may have about iPhone repair.

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