Will the Future iPhone Repair Itself?

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Apple loves filing patents, even if they never make it out of the brainstorming stage. Recently, they filed a patent for a self-repairing iPhone.

If you’re picturing your cracked iPhone screen magically fixing itself while you watch it in awe, it’s not that advanced – sorry. But hey, you can still use us, and that is good news!

So, what’s all of this about an iPhone that repairs itself? It’s more about the functions and some damage control.

For instance, if you get some water on your phone, there will be detector on it that will sense it in the speaker. When you’re not in audible range, the iPhone will emit a loud sound to send the moisture out of the phone.

When you’re having display issues (which is common for iPhones), the phone will go through a display reset while you are not using it. If you happen to need your phone during the reset, it will stop and continue when you’re done.

There are other functions it will repair on its own, but those are just a couple of examples. You get the picture. Things that were annoying or may have needed a tech to do will repair on its own. You’ll still need someone to help you with other things like shattered iPhone screens, battery replacements, etc.

There are just some things technology can’t do…

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