WiFi Connectivity Issues with Samsung Galaxy S4

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issues with samsung galaxy s4At iResQ, we see many smartphone problems, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes in first place for connectivity issues. Many of our customers report the Internet connection on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is unstable. It will work one minute, and the next, it won’t connect. This is mostly when it is connected to a hotspot at home or work. It will stop deriving its data usage from a router and go to the network, which if you have limited data, can be a financial nightmare when the bill comes in.

The good news is that most connectivity problems can be corrected without a Samsung Galaxy S4 repair order. The following are some of the easiest fixes.

At times, the phone needs a refresher to understand which network to connect to. You can do this by going to your Home screen and tapping on the Menu icon. From the Menu, choose Settings, and then tap on Wi-Fi. Hold down your finger on your network for a long press and then press Forget Network. Now, go back and tap on Menu again. Check to see if the Passpoint is Off and the Auto Network is Off.

This should help you out. If it doesn’t, the problem may be the server or router. You can check on that by looking to see the frequency the router is on. If you have land lines and microwaves in your home, it’s best to set it to 5 Ghz for a clear broadcast. If you’re often far from your router when you use your phone though, switch it to 2.5 Ghz.

It might be helpful to turn off the mobile data connection if the signal is unreliable. Sometimes, this feature cuts in a little too often and that could lead you to feeling as though it is having an unreliable connection. Go to Wi-Fi, Menu and then Advanced to find this option.

If you haven’t already, turn your phone off and then on again. For some people, this only corrects the problem temporary, while for others it fixes it permanently.

If All Else Fails…

If all else fails, it’s better to send it in to the experts at iResQ. Our certified technicians have worked on thousands of Samsung Galaxy S4 repairs, so they know what to look for internally to find what could be the problem with the Wi-Fi signal. At times, can be a simple part replacement, and other times it’s just a setting that is causing the problem.

Since we can’t diagnose your smartphone’s problem without seeing it, we offer free diagnostics for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Simply go to this repair option, and add it to your cart at no cost. All you will have to do is send it in, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Free Diagnostic Service

If you need any other repair services for the Samsung Galaxy S4, browse all of ours here.

We hope this was able to resolve all of your connectivity issues or that we will have the pleasure to provide you with a Samsung Galaxy S4 repair.

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