Why You Shouldn’t Charge an iPhone All Night

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If you’re like most people, after a long day, your iPhone’s battery is in the red. You may have even received the 10% warning that has made you run to the outlet with your cord in tow. Plugging in your iPhone is imperative. Leaving your iPhone charging all night isn’t, and it could end up decreasing your battery’s life.iphone battery replacement

iPhones have a lithium-ion battery, which is fixed in the phone. When you plug the phone in, it rapidly charges to 80% within two hours. After that, it slows down, and takes up to four hours to complete the charge to 100%.

While the phone does stop charging once it hits 100%, it starts to charge again as soon as the battery percentage decreases. What that means is your phone charges over and over again.

Why does this matter?

A battery does not have an infinite amount of charges. For every time it’s charged to 100%, it counts as a charge. Yes, it does have more than 2,000 charges available, but if you think about how many times it charges at night, every night, you can see how quickly the battery could die.

When you charge your iPhone, plug it in for no longer than 5 hours. That way you catch it shortly after it reaches 100% and you decrease the number of charges it gets.

It’s also a good idea to let your iPhone’s battery drain completely once a month. Some people don’t have much of a problem with this, but if you are addicted to plugging in your phone, let it die, so it can receive a complete new charge.

If you need a battery replacement for your iPhone, you are in luck. Our certified technicians are able to put in a brand new iPhone battery quickly. That means you no longer have to worry about your phone dying when you need it the most.

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