Why Is My Computer Overheating? Some Simple Fixes

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Is your computer overheating? Do you feel your computer cooking your lap? Do you hear your fan buzzing and whirring? iResQ is here to help! Read on for some simple fixes for your hotheaded device.

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To understand how to fix laptop overheating, we first must understand how they cool down. Computers are cooled primarily through a fan system expelling the hot air and pulling in cold.

However, after general wear and tear of using your laptop, the fan and air outlets could be blocked by any number of things, including food or dust.

Cleaning Your Laptop Fan

Before cleaning, be sure you completely shut down the computer, and remove the battery. Then, using a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol, gently clean out the air ports.

If the problem lies deeper, you may need to open up the computer and clean the fan directly. While holding the fan, spray air inside to dislodge any debris.

Taking Care

Here are some pro-tips to take good care of your computer to prevent further overheating:

  1. Work on a hard, flat surface. This helps because it leaves clear pathways for airflow and decreases the probability of debris getting in side the laptop.
  2. Keep your workspace organized. Not only does this help with your own sanity, but it’s an additional measure that clears airflow.
  3. Let your computer rest. Shutting your computer down through the start menu every night prevents it from overworking itself. Save it’s power for when you’re actually using it!

Still Having Issues?

Is your computer consistently overheating? Want to leave cleaning it to the professionals? Check out iResQ options for Macbook or Chromebook repair. Want even more tech tips? Click here!

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