Why buy an iPad?

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Not everyone gets why the Apple iPad is so popular. MacWorld's Christopher Breen wrote that his aunt recently emailed him asking why she should look into buying the popular tablet, something that he said may not be as easy to answer until someone lives with and owns one them self. One of the top reasons Breen gave for owning one of Apple's tablets is the same reason people often end up having to acquire iPad repair services: Portability.

“In my home we routinely take advantage of the iPad's go-anywhere nature by using it as the 'go look it up' resource, much as our ancestors used bound encyclopedias,” he wrote. “When a topic comes up during dinner that we'd like to know more about, it's the work of a moment to grab the iPad and settle the bet over whether Brown Recluse spiders are found in California (or, more particularly, in our bathroom).”

Another big reason to use the iPad is the access it gives via having an easy and instant Wi-Fi connection. This means people can always be in touch no matter where they go, so long as there is a wireless connection, which leads to the next reason to own an iPad: ease of use. Some computer experts may feel like the interface is dumbed down, Breen wrote, but it allows the average user to easily perform tasks that are interesting to them.

Work and apps
The iPad also has some great benefits for those who want to work from their tablet. While typing may be harder on the device, it is a great tool to have for efficiency and getting work done quickly. Breen also touts the iPads ability to detect what location someone is in and help see which movies, restaurants or clubs are nearby. However, the greatest advantage, he wrote, may be the many diverse apps that are available.

“The last time I checked there were over 375,000 apps designed for the iPad. Obviously, not all of them are great – or even good,” he said. “But even if only one percent of them are worth your time (and far more than that are), that's still 3,750 solid apps.”

There are some important issues to keep in mind before buying an iPad, Yahoo Digital Crave blog pointed out, including how big of an iPad someone wants and needs, what base price they want to pay for the device, how much power and memory is needed to ensure it will work well, and which kind of app support and accessories are needed to have it be the best device possible.

No matter which kind of device is purchased, iResQ's iPad repair services can help users fix up their device if it ever happens to crack or break.

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