What’s wrong with my device?

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Despite advancements in technology, companies have yet to make many mainstream devices that are indestructible. For example, the iPad. Although it's screen is tough and will stay unscathed with some mild handling, there's always the possibility it might get scratched or cracked.

If the fear of what might happen to your Apple device is deterring you from making the purchase, stop worrying. The Apple Certified technicians at iResQ can install iPad replacement glass to make these flashy tablets as good as new.

Not only will the company tell you what's wrong with your iPad, they'll do it for free. After you send in your iPad, the company will do a free diagnostic to determine what is wrong with your device. As soon as they can confidently determine the issue, they will contact you and let you know not only the problem, but the cost to fix it.

If you approve of the iPad repair, iResQ's talented technicians can help tackle the issue and ship it back. Even if someone doesn't want their iPad repaired, the device will be shipped back to the user by iResQ or recycled if the problem is bad enough that it cannot be fixed.

You can't trust just anyone with your device. With iResQ, Apple Certified technicians will help tackle your issue and get your prized tablet back to you as quickly as possible.

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