What’s in a new MacBook Pro?

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It’s easy to fall into the same routine with Apple products. It goes something like this: Buy one. Love it and use it to death. A few months later read about the “next generation” of said device.  Mull over various rumors about it.  Watch the keynote. Salivate.  Order one. Rinse. Repeat.

Just a month ago it was all about the new iPad.  Last fall it was the iPhone 4S.  What’s next?  I have already read rumors about the iPod Touch receiving a much needed re-vamp.  Who wouldn’t like to see that?  Here is what I want to see, the next generation iPod Nano have wifi support with iTunes so I can stream some podcasts while I’m out and about.  All that aside, here is what many are expecting: a new revision of the MacBook Pro.

Albeit not as high profile as the iPhone, iPod, or even the iPad, this is big news among the Apple devoted community.  Schools and colleges in particular are going to be highly affected by the introduction of the newest MacBook Pro.  Current rumors regarding MacBook Pro shortages  are sure to trigger talk throughout the ranks.   And what can we expect in this new MacBook Pro other than the typical bump in processor speed?  I wouldn’t expect anything quite as huge as a radical redesign or Apple doing the unexpected and completely discontinuing its line of MacBook Pros in an effort to push the Macbook Air line.  What I do expect is a slightly slimmer, thinner form factor.

If I was a prospective college student all over again and had the chance to get a brand new laptop, I’d definitely be excited.

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