What’s in a name? Writer says Apple should avoid ‘iPad Mini’ title

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Apple has been successful at selling iPods, iPads and more for years, but could the company possibly hurt itself by calling a proposed new device the “iPad Mini?” Tom Kaneshige, a reporter for CIO.com, says it's possible.

“The iPad will face perhaps its biggest rival this fall when Microsoft unleashes its 10.6-inch Windows tablet, called Surface,” he said on the website. “It will be a premium product likely cost compatible with the iPad and sold concierge-style at Microsoft retail stores. Expect the battle to play out with aggressive advertising campaigns. It would be the worst time for the iPad brand to be dragged down by a cheap, mini version.”

Kaneshige suggests that Apple should call the new product a variation on the iPod, as this could add some life back into that brand and not touch the super-successful iPad.

The Wall Street Journal reports that this possible new Mini iPad would have a screen size smaller than 8 inches, which would be a big downsize from the iPad's current size of 9.7 inches. No matter which iPad someone has, there is iPad repair available after that warranty runs out to restore order in your tablet world.

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