What would a budget iPhone look like?

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The iPhone's design has gone through many changes since the release of the original model in 2007, including a shift in casing material from glass to aluminum and the introduction of a larger display for the iPhone 5. It has always come in just black and white, however. But if you are longing for a colorful plastic iPhone, then you may get your wish if and when Apple releases its purported budget iPhone later this year.

A less expensive iPhone may feature some key changes to both its materials and display size, said Quartz contributor Christopher Mims. Although no features have been officially confirmed, Mims wrote that the budget iPhone could have a plastic case and a 4-inch screen that would have the same pixel resolution as the iPhone 5. Inside, it could get essentially the same internal design as the iPhone 4S, which was released in 2011 with a smaller 3.5-inch display.

These cost-minded changes to the iPhone would correlate with what Apple has done with its line of  iPod models, according to Chris Davies at SlashGear, who cited a recently released budget version of the iPod touch. This new iPhone could also come in a variety of colors, with hues that Mims likened to those of Starburst candies.

Why screen size matters
The change to a bigger screen size may be a sign that Apple plans to retire the 4S in favor of this similar but cheaper to manufacture model, argued Davies. The 4S currently retails for $99 with a contract, and it remains a popular device to this day. A study from Consumer Research Intelligence Partners found that the 4S accounted for 33 percent of all iPhones sold in March 2013. Despite its attractive price tag, Davies pointed out that the 4S is relatively expensive to make and that it has a fragile glass body.

But the switch to a 4-inch Retina display for Apple's least expensive iPhone may actually be part of a larger software strategy. At that size and clarity, the budget iPhone's screen would allow iOS app developers to focus on only one screen resolution, noted Davies, so that they would not have to create different variations for 3.5- and 4-inch screens.

Apple Insider estimated that the new low end iPhone might cost $330. Whether you decide to get one of these new budget iPhones or hold on to one of  the older models, iResQ's iPhone repair services can help fix up any issues you have with all models. 

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