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What to Do When Your Kindle Won’t Sync

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So you just got your Kindle device—or you’ve had it for a while—and suddenly it won’t sync, causing you to have problems getting books that you bought off the Amazon website or that you emailed to your device. Here are a few simple fixes as well as one bigger one.

Fix #1: Hard Reset

Hold your Kindle on/off button down like you would to turn the device off, but instead of releasing the button after 20 seconds, keep holding it for about 40 or 45. This will hard reset your Kindle and the logo should appear. When your Kindle finishes resetting itself, it should sync.

Fix #2: Airplane Mode

Try putting your device in airplane or flight mode for about 30 seconds. After you leave it in this mode for a bit, turn airplane mode off and try syncing again.

Fix #3: Turn Wi-Fi Off

Try turning your Wi-Fi connection off. Leave it off for a minute or so, and then try connecting again. Once you’re connected to the Wi-Fi, sync your device.

Fix #4: Log Out

Log completely out of your Kindle account, which you can do through the menu, settings, my account, and deregister my Kindle. When you’ve logged out, wait a few seconds, and then log back in again.

Nothing’s Working?

These should all be quick fixes for your Kindle’s syncing problem. If none of them are working, it could be a sign that your device is having more issues than these surface fixes can solve. When this is the case, bring your device to us and let us take a look.

We Can Fix Your Kindle Now

We’ve fixed plenty of devices from ereaders to phones to laptops. No job is too big or too small. After we take a look at your device, we’ll give you a diagnostic evaluation absolutely free and let you know how much it will be to fix it. If you agree to have your device fixed by us, we’ll make sure to have it back to you within 24 hours, guaranteed.

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