What to do when your iPod touch screen goes black

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Apple’s iPod touch devices aren’t just used for listening to music these days. So when your iPod touch screen goes black, your daily routine can be majorly affected. Suddenly, you’re stuck without music, have no Wi-Fi access to news or email and can give up on GPS navigation. Plus, you can count out any social media interaction. However, there is no need to panic quite yet. Most of the time that an iPod screen goes black, the problem’s related to minor firmware issues that can be easily solved.

To troubleshoot black screen problems, the first thing to try is plugging your iPod into a charger and letting it charge for at least a half hour. After you’ve let the device charge, try turning the iPod on by holding down the power button. If your iPod does not power on when prompted, the next thing to try is resetting the iPod. You can do this by holding down the power button and the home button at the same time for about 10 seconds while leaving your iPod plugged into the power source.

If resetting your device still does not work, you’ll want to verify that the iPod is still recognizable by a computer. If you are sure that the iPod has been plugged in long enough to have a sufficient charge, try plugging it into your computer to see if it shows up in iTunes. If the iTunes program doesn’t display that your device is connected, then there could be something wrong with one or a combination of parts in your iPod, such as the dock connector, logic board, battery or the LCD screen itself.

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