What to do when your iPod touch or iPhone screen goes white

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We recently shared a few pointers for what to do if your iPod touch screen goes black, but what about if the screen goes white? Does this signal a different problem? Do you need to take different steps to resolve this issue? We’ve got some answers.

The first thing to do when your iPod touch screen goes white is to hit the home button to see if the problem could be caused by applications that are currently open. If nothing happens when you press the button, the next step is to restart the device. We recommend that you do this by holding down both the power button located on top of the iPod touch and the home button at the same time. Hold these buttons for about 10 seconds or until the iPod powers off and then powers back on.

If the iPod screen is still white when the device is powered back on, then diagnosing what is actually wrong with it becomes a bit trickier. At this point, the problem could be a number of things: The LCD screen could be faulty, the logic board could have retained damage or something more minor could be to blame. At this point you can contact iResQ for a free diagnostic. If something is wrong, our iPod touch repair services can get your device back in working order.

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