What to do when your iPhone 5c vibrate function is not working

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When your iPhone 5c vibrate's not working it can be difficult for you to trust your phone. Many people rely on their phones to give them information even when they can't afford to have it chime or beep whenever they get a text. There are a few reasons that the vibrate function can be turned off in your phone. As usual, we'll go over the easy-to-fix software problems that can be resolved by you before we tackle some of the thornier hardware issues that might cause these errors. Understanding why your phone does what it does is the first step toward being able to fix it when it breaks.

Do not disturb mode
By far the most common software issue that users may experience when they are trying to fix an iPhone 5c vibrate not working is the “do not disturb” feature. This allows a user to designate their phone as off-limits during certain times of day, allowing them to keep the phone on for when they want to use it, but limiting the notifications they can receive from others. Frequently, users will turn on their phone's “do not disturb” mode and accidentally leave it on, preventing them from receiving notifications through the vibrate function on their phone. Because some applications, like the Calendar app, can do this automatically, it can be a point of confusion. According to Que Publishing, this mode is very useful, but it should be used with care.

Settings and Accessibility
If you go to Settings | Sounds, make sure that your text message vibration feature is turned on. Sometimes this can be turned off by other applications in the iOS software running on the iPhone. According to Yahoo Answers, this can be the way to fix an iPhone 5c that doesn't vibrate when you receive texts

The alternative to either of the above software-based solutions is, of course, to replace the vibrate array within the iPhone 5c. This is always scary due to the costs involved with purchasing implements to repair an iPhone and the degree of skill required in order to perform such a repair successfully. If you are worried about the potential damage that might occur to your phone with a home repair job, contact us at iResQ. We have the talent, time and tools to get your phone fixed and sent back to you as quickly and inexpensively as possible. 

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