What to do when an iPhone 5c volume button’s not working

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Having problems with an iPhone 5c volume button not working can get a lot of people down. The problem with this kind of issue is that it can be a result of either software or hardware problems, and most people would want to get a software issue fixed before hardware becomes an issue . Luckily, we have listed a below a test you can use to make sure that your volume button isn't broken in a hardware sense, but is rather just the victim of a software glitch. Once you've tested your phone and have figured out whether or not you have a hardware problem, you can take more direct action.

If you open your Settings tab and go past General into Accessibility, then toggle on Assistive touch and set “volume down” as an option. Occasionally, this will make your physical volume down button work. This kind of specific software glitch is hard to understand, but essentially it means that something in the software was preventing your phone from recognizing the taps it was receiving from the “volume down” button. If this fixed your phone, good news! You don't have you get your phone repaired! If it didn't, you'll have to read on.

Fixing a broken iPhone
So if your plan didn't work and you must now instead fix your broken iPhone, you still have some options. You can either conduct a home-repair job or take it somewhere to get fixed. The clever people over at iFixit have an article up that details the ways that most people can tend to their iPhones repair elements. Keep in mind that this repair will require a lot of specialized equipment, and if you don't have that it may be cost-effective simply to have it done by a professional.

If you are looking for someone to quickly and cheaply repair your phone, look no further than iResQ. We have all of the training and special tools to get your iPhone fixed for you guaranteed – no need to deal with the pesky terms and conditions that can be layered around other Apple products. If you aren't sure of your ability to properly sort and separate twenty different types of very small screws, we've got you covered so that you don't have to. No one should have to sort through that kind of puzzle just to get the volume down on their phone. Contact us and we'll get your phone fixed fast.

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