What to do when an iPhone 5c lightning port isn’t charging

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An iPhone 5c lightning port connector not charging can be a very difficult issue to deal with for Apple users. This frustrating yet sadly common problem is possible to fix at home, but some circumstances might require that you get it fixed by a professional. If you're going to fix it at home, make sure that you have the proper tools available to you before you begin working on the repair process. This includes specialized iPhone repair equipment built in to deal with the proprietary screws and other fasteners used to keep the device together. Before taking this exercise on, make sure that you have cleaned your lightning connector ports, as people at the Apple forum have found that helps.

Following the instructions at iWhim, you will need to remove the front screen assembly. Then, you'll remove the battery, the Lightning dock connector assembly and separate the loud speaker assembly from the dock assembly. Finally, you'll replace the dock connector assembly, the battery, and reconnect the display assembly. This process will involve a lot of small screws and other tiny Apple elements, so perform this task on a clean, well-lit desk. If at first you don't succeed – call us at iResQ. This kind of stuff is our day job, and we'd love to help you fix your phone. 

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