What to do to fix the vibration function in an iPhone 5c

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If an iPhone 5c's vibrate's not working, then you may need to check it to make sure that you are not dealing with a software problem. Hardware problems with the iPhone 5c can be delicate, intricate matters involving specific tools, but software problems are easier. Follow our guide through and we'll help you make sure that you are dealing with a hardware, not a software, problem, and then help you find someone to fix it. It is vitally important that you know what kind of issue you're dealing with beforehand, so we'll walk you through some diagnostics first.

According to Broken LCDs, there are a couple issues that might cause the vibrate function to cease working. The vibrator might have broken, there may be water damage, or the on-board connector and vibrator might have suffered from a broken connection. The most common problem, though, is that you may have turned the vibrate function off. Go in to your phone's setting and toggle ON the vibrate function, and then restart your phone to make sure that this isn't your issue. If your iPhone 5c still does not vibrate after you're completed this workaround, we'll have to dig in a little deeper to understand exactly what has happened.

A hardware solution
According to iFixit, replacing the vibrator within an iPhone is a complicated, multi-step process. You need to take apart the front panel assembly, while being sure that the iPhone is completely powered down, and use suction cups to take off the front of the device. Once this has been done, you can remove screws from the logic board and the front panel assembly cable bracket, then use a plastic opening tool to disconnect three front panel assembly cables. After you remove the battery you can get the vibrator out from the rear case, then you'll replace it with a new vibrating unit and put everything back in the iPhone.

If this seems like it is too difficult, you can simply send your iPhone 5c to a qualified technical support agent. Here at iResQ, we'd love to fix your phone for you, and spare the process of unscrewing and cutting various different components in your iPhone only to replace them again. We're professionals, and would like to lend our expertise to your problem in order to solve it as quickly and painlessly for you as possible.

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