What to do if your iPhone 5c lightning connector’s not charging

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The iPhone 5c lightning connector issues that can plague the device often can prevent it from charging properly. This can be a major problem for people as the battery winds down on their phones. There are a few different problems that can cause this to happen, but they are mostly hardware related. Luckily, a few of the fixes necessary to get your lightning charger working fine again are fairly simple, and can be done even by those unused to taking their electronics apart.

Rolling up lint
Many people are unaware of the lint accumulating inside of iPhones. This isn't due to any special lint-absorption factor in the phones or in electronics – it is just that pockets tend to have lint, and phones tend to go there. Because these devices are filed with little gaps and crevices for soft material to get stuck in, it can be very easy for a large amount of lint to accumulate inside of a phone's ports. Cleaning yours out with a small paper clip and gently sweeping through the lightning connector port is an easy way to potentially fix your phone. The bonus: this method doesn't require taking your iPhone anywhere, and it can easily be done with materials at home.

If you feel more lint in there with your paper clip but are unable to get it out, a user on reddit recommended that you take a can of compressed air and spray at an angle inside the connector port. This will blast out any remaining objects.

Taking your phone apart
Sadly, if your charger isn't working and the lint trick above didn't do you any good, your iPhone may need to be repaired. The handy guide over at iMore details some of the step-by-step procedures necessary to take an iPhone apart and replace the lightning charger. This takes some specialized iPhone equipment, patience and the ability to manually sort out several different kinds of very small screws, so consider this to be your warning before taking on those repairs.  

If you're worried about your ability to complete this technical job, consider contacting us instead. We can fix your phone quickly and easily, and we can take care of those repair jobs that are very difficult and require highly specialized tools and replacement parts. Our cheap rates makes it so that it's actually worth it for you to get your phone repaired instead of buying a new one.

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