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Apple’s App Store has more than 500,000 apps, and the majority are free or cost less than $3, according to Complex. With all those free and cheap apps, the average iPhone user might not even bother to look at some of the more expensive options, which can cost as much as several hundred dollars.

“Most of these high-priced apps target specific markets, and are accompanied by a service,” Complex contributor Dru Ashe explained. “We assume a number of them aren’t downloaded often, as most don’t have any reviews or ratings. Or maybe rich people don’t feel the need to rate and review apps – who knows.”

In an article for Business Insider, contributor Kevin Smith explained that the most expensive apps actually demonstrate that the App Store can potentially be a big software market for numerous industries. Such apps also highlight the potential of iPhones and iPads to make a difference in many markets.

An October article from Investopedia detailed six apps that cost just shy of $1,000, including iVIP​ Black, BarMax CA or NY, Agro, QSFFStats, MobiGage NDI and App.Cash. Investopedia contributor Martha V. Shelton explained that the majority of expensive iPhone apps are created specifically for business or educational purposes and thus there is a very niche market. Also, most of them provide professional tools and many provide study tools for exams like the Bar.

One expensive app that Business Insider listed among the 15 most expensive, 3D Nasal Vista, can be seen as a good example of the niche quality of pricier apps. 3D Nasal Vista is used by medical professionals and provides 3D visualization of the nasal fossas. While this iPad app could certainly prove useful in the medical field, it’s hard to imagine anyone outside of this profession gaining any significant value from this $200 app.

TouchChat HD is another expensive app, listed at $299.99, that is targeted at a very specific consumer group. This app provides a communication solution to people who have difficulty speaking so that they can simply tap a photo and the device says what the user is trying to communicate.

Regardless if your app was free, cost $2 or is among the most expensive apps available, any time you introduce new software to a device, there is a potential to run into problems. If you have issues with your device, iResQ’s iPhone repair services have got you covered.

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