What is the future of MacBooks?

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Apple's MacBook is a particularly popular laptop, and improvements are regularly made to these devices, making them even more popular. There are a number of notable developments taking place in the world of MacBooks that could mean a few significant changes to future models.

One notable development is that Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced that the company would be producing its first American-made Mac product in Texas, VentureBeat reported. Apple has been traditionally known to outsource manufacturing to countries like China, but announced earlier this year that it would be relocating at least one major facility to the United States. During his recent Congressional hearing appearance regarding Apple's tax practices, Cook said that the company would be investing $100 million in the Texas assembly facility. The setup will use machinery made in Kentucky and Michigan as well as components from Illinois and Florida.

More juice for the MacBook
In other MacBook news, CultofMac recently reported that the next MacBook models will have 50 percent more battery life.

“If history is indeed destined to repeat itself, Intel's next-gen Haswell processors will power the 2013 gamut of Macs,” wrote CultofMac contributor Alex Heath. “Every year Apple typically puts the newest Intel silicon in its desktop and laptop models, and this year should be no exception. When Haswell desktop lineup specs leaked in December 2012, we got a peak at what will likely power the 2013 iMac.”

Intel's latest Haswell chips offer 50 percent more battery life for laptop devices than Ivy Bridge, CultofMac reported. Intel specifically focused on lowering power consumption for laptop and tablet devices while simultaneously doubling graphics performance levels when developing its Haswell processors.

Since short battery life in smart devices and laptops have been a common complaint, many Apple fans will likely be satisfied when the next-generation Apple gadgets are released. Even with improved battery life, there will likely continue to be problems that emerge with these devices. In this scenario, you can turn to iResQ's MacBook repair services for help. We can resolve battery issues and make any necessary replacements to give your electronics a new lease on life – or battery life, that is to say. IResQ's qualified and skilled technicians also perform the whole gamut of MacBook repairs, from replacing screens to fixing logic boards or other hardware malfunctions.

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