What do customers want on the new iPhone?

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The new iPhone is set to be unveiled in September, but what are customers actually looking for in the device? According to USA Today, the No. 1 request from customers is better battery life. They spoke with users of the Apple devices who said a battery that drains too quickly is no fun. For those who are happy with the set of features they have on their current iPhone model, iResQ is there for quick and efficient iPhone repair.

“I'm on the phone a lot for work, and it (the battery) dies,” said Danny Petrone, from New Jersey, according to the news source. “I have to keep it plugged into the car all day long. It's tough.”

Other improvements on customers' wishlist​s, according to USA Today, include:

  • Better front-facing and back-facing cameras, as there are more pictures taken on the iPhone than any other device on the market
  • Wider array of color options for the device
  • Unbreakable screens to help save hundreds in repair costs
  • Improvements to Siri that will allow the personal assistant app to better understand accents
  • Built-in projector so multiple people can watch a video more easily on the device
  • Better phone housing to make sure breaks happen less often

Other wanted features
CNET did a list of other things that are possibility for the next iPhone, including biometric security to help users access their devices by swiping their own finger instead of entering in a passcode. Other features include making the device into a universal remote, building in an activity tracker and having near-field communication technology included.

“Leading up to the release of what turned out to be the iPhone 4S, rumor had it that Apple may have been working on integrating NFC (near-field communication) technology into the next iPhone (it's available in some Android phones, such as Samsung's Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4),” the new source said. “This is sort of a bar code replacement technology that enables your iPhone to act as a payment device (e-wallet) or even a car key.”

More storage for information and data is also something that CNET feels customers want. There has been a lot of talk about going over the iPhone's usual 64GB limit, but with the iPad moving to 128GB, many are now thinking that there could be a smartphone option with similar memory capacity. No matter what changes come, iResQ will be there with iPhone repair services when it is needed by users.

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