Weekend iPod Web Orders

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Hi friends, so every Monday morning we come in and get to work on all of the web orders that were made over the weekend. Our friend Mick in sales spends most of his Monday processing of all of these. So, what do you say, lets mess with him a little bit and make him real busy. Sound good? I thought you’d think so. Lets do it like this, make an iPod order this weekend August 2nd or 3rd and receive $10.00 off of your repair. There is one stipulation. You need to email me at bryan@iresq.com, let me know your confirmation number and I will take it from there. Sorry Mick, no hard feelings- we just like to see you working hard after a couple days off. Ok, get to ordering. I can’t wait to check my email Monday morning. Until then, have a good weekend and be safe.


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