Wearable tech, case manufacturers tackle the smartwatch

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Smartwatches, like tablets before them, have long been the stuff of science fiction. But wrist-worn devices are beginning to gain steam, mainly as counterparts to smartphones. These smartwatches make it capable for users to view essential information – date, time, weather, caller ID, etc. – at a glance without opening the phone itself.

One company that is sinking a lot of stock into the future of smartwatches is Meta. Formerly known as MetaWatch, the electronics manufacturer is no stranger to wearables and is ready to roll out its newest “premium” smartwatch line later this year. According to AppleInsider contributor Neil Hughes, Meta is working on a rebranding of sorts. The company is focusing more on aesthetics and style than it did with its previous smartwatches. 

But for people not interested in a new wearable could have an alternative. The Smartlet is an iPhone case that mounts a user's device directly to their wrist, but can be easily slipped out for traditional use. According to DNA, the “DIY smartwatch” is a product of Denos Ventures and is still seeking funding on Kickstarter. 

Smartwatches could keep phones put away longer, reducing the chances of dropping and/or breaking it. If you have a broken iPhone, though, visit iResQ today for all of your smartphone repair needs. 

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