Electronics and Water – Summertime Weather Reminder

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water damageMemorial Day is right around the corner. This is the time when many pools open for the summer. Since people are used to bringing their phones and tablets with them everywhere they go, it’s common for these electronics to be around water during the warmer months, which could result in water damage.

At iResQ, we want to remind everyone to take extra care of devices during the summer. We know it’s fun to take selfies with friends near the water or catch those precious moments with your babies by the pool, but water damage can ruin a perfect day.

When a device falls into a pool, it only takes a second for water to infiltrate the inside of the phone or tablet. The water isn’t as much of a problem. It’s the reaction the electricity in the phone produced by the battery that causes the device to malfunction.

This is why if your device ever gets water dumped on it or it falls into the pool, don’t turn it on if it is off. Turning it on will cause the battery to spark and it could end up not only frying the battery but other mechanisms inside of the unit.

It’s important to try to dry the phone or tablet as much as possible before turning it on. Many people use the rice trick (placing the device into a bag of rice), since the rice can absorb the water. Others have found this to be ineffective. It’s worth a try after shaking the device as vigorously as possible to get as much water out of it as possible and then allow it to dry for at least 24 hours.

Water Damage – Is the Device Dead Forever?

If you do happen to turn your device on after water damage, it’s probably not completely done for. You can have the device repaired because the parts affected by the water can be replaced. Sometimes, if the water damage is bad enough, so many of the parts will need to be replaced that it makes sense to buy a new phone.

It’s difficult to know if that is the case, unless you have it assessed by an experienced technician, like the ones at iResQ. We train and certify all of our technicians and they can tell you what it will take to return your phone to its original working state.

Diagnostics at iResQ are free. Simply send your phone or tablet to us, and we will let you know the repair cost. You can then decide if you want us to move forward with the repair.

Have a happy, safe summer season!


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