Watch out for the spoof: SMS issues in iOS

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No one wants to fall victim to a flim-flam, whether online, in person or over the phone. Phone users now have to be more careful than ever, and one hacker said that Apple users specifically need to be careful due to the advanced features in SMS messages that could have people getting scammed.

“A malicious user could send 'spoofed' SMS messages that appear to come from another source (which is routinely done with email spam, as the standard email specification does not authenticate parties in header data either), falsely appearing to come from a friend or trusted source (such as a bank) for example,” according to Apple Insider.

Another entry on the website said Apple addressed this by adding that the iMessage service of the iPhone is a way to make sure the vulnerabilities of SMS messages do not affect a user. Addresses are verified when they are sent through iMessage but not when they are sent through SMS.

Being careful is always important, whether text messaging or handling a device. If an accident does happen and the result is a broken screen or some other damage, users should look to iPhone repair to get their gadget back in working order quickly.

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