Vulnerability could cause many to need Samsung phone repair services

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A team of researchers recently discovered a defect with certain Samsung Galaxy devices that lets hackers bypass defenses, which could mean that lots of people are now in the market for Samsung phone repair.

According to Replicant developer Paul Kocialkowski, the flaw has to do with how certain Samsung handhelds connect wirelessly to modems. His research showed that the software in charge of wireless communications – which is separate from the Android operating system – creates a backdoor that potentially places critical information at risk.

“Provided that the modem runs proprietary software and can be remotely controlled, that backdoor provides remote access to the phone's data, even in the case where the modem is isolated and cannot access the storage directly,” Kocialkowski wrote in a Free Software Foundation blog post. “This is yet another example of what unacceptable behavior proprietary software permits!”

Still, this doesn't mean you need to seek out Samsung phone repair services just yet – CNET reported that the issue likely primarily affects the Nexus S, Galaxy S, S2, S3 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

This is just one of many problems that can lead you to need Samsung Galaxy S3 repair. To determine if your smartphone's problems are due to malware or something you did, bring it in to iResQ to have our expert smartphone repair technicians take a look at it and make a final diagnosis.

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