Verizon iPhone Screen Repair Service

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Its amazing how quickly devices can get broken once they are released. Since the Verizon iPhone 4 was released, we have been seeing more and more of them come in for screen replacements to the point that they are equaling AT&T iPhones in our facility for repair. To commemorate this momentous occasion, we decided to share some cool before and after pics of a Verizon iPhone Screen repair/replacement.



Check out our Verizon iPhone 4 repair page here. We are just about ready to launch the full line of repairs for this iPhone in addition to the screen replacement service we currently offer, so keep on checking in.

One more thing before I leave. For all of you Apple and tech lovers out there, is a fantastic, must visit site. After perusing through their site this morning, I stumbled on this article for what is probably THE BEST iPhone 4 case out on the market, the iPhone 4 LifeProof Case. I’m definitely going to get one before I go on vacation. Check out LifeProof’s video about the case here and tell me this thing is not the coolest iPhone 4 case ever.

Until next time folks.

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