Verizon iPhone 4 Is Here!

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And the reviews are in. Take a look at this article from Gizmodo that is chock full of reviews of Verizon’s new beauty. Overall, the reviews seemed in favor of the Verizon iPhone. Reviewers seemed to love the fact that the reliability of the calls made from the phone are an improvement, while accessing data over Verizon’s network was not quite up to par with what AT&T offers (as far as speed goes).

One thing that kind of took me by surprise was the fact that MG Siegler of TechCrunch stated that he could not reproduce the antenna problem using the famous iPhone 4 “death grip” issue. Apple is yet to comment on this, but it seems like the “death grip” issue is resolved. I wonder how all of you AT&T iPhone 4 users feel about this.

Here is what I take out of the whole thing. AT&T has been under the gun from the very beginning for being the exclusive carrier for Apple’s iPhone. This immediately alienated masses of potential iPhone customers that have existing contracts with other carriers. And with tons of people flocking to and switching to AT&T just for an iPhone, the network clearly seemed to suffer. Add this to the supposedly spotty coverage of AT&T’s existing 3G network and you get a steaming pot of ambivalence all aimed towards AT&T. The release of the iPhone 4 on Verizon’s network will act as a pressure release for AT&T. People are going to flock towards Verizon from AT&T and new iPhone users will most likely choose Verizon. And what are we left with? Two versions of the iPhone 4!! And which one is better? Well, that is hard to say isn’t it? I think a consumer’s decision to go with one network or the other would be justified either way. Whether you choose to go with either carrier is totally dependent on what situation you are in. Verizon doesn’t have perfect coverage and neither does AT&T. Do you want to be able to use your iPhone as a mobile hotspot? Do you want to be able to talk on the phone while surfing the web at the same time or is that not important to you? What works for you may not work for someone else. Me, I’m extremely satisfied with my iPhone 4 on the AT&T network (I personally have never experienced spotty coverage on any of my AT&T phones. Maybe I’m just lucky!).

One way or the other, competition is good for business and ultimately good for the consumer. One thing is for sure, the iPhone is here to stay, and more and more people are going to own one. This means that there’s going to be an increased amount of accidents, drops, and spills resulting in broken iPhone 4’s. And you know when this happens that we are prepared and ready to get your broken iPhone fixed whether it is a Verizon or AT&T iPhone. Take a look at our iPhone 4 repair page to see what repair services we offer. If harm shall befall your iPhone 4, then you’ll know exactly where to go.

Until next time, folks.

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