Verizon iPhone 4 – A Closer Look

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Well, it hasn’t been long since Apple’s iPhone 4 was released to the Verizon Network. We were able to get one in the shop and take a closer look at the insides comparing it to AT&T’s version. We saw a significant amount of differences between the two. Below you will see a side by side image of Verizon’s iPhone 4 and AT&T’s. We noted some of the differences seen from simply popping open the back case and removing a cover over part of the internal components on each device.


A. Frame- If you compare both versions of the iPhone, you will notice that the frame on Verizon’s version is different. I don’t want to make too many assumptions, but maybe this change in the frame is due in part to fixing the notorious antenna issues.

B. Cables- Inside AT&T’s version of the iPhone, a good amount of cables (including cables for the forward facing camera, headphone jack, and power button among others) were connected to the logic board on the top-right of the phone. These cables are missing in Verizon’s phone and are connected to the left side instead. Again, is this to solve the antenna issue of the older iPhone 4?

C. Docking port flex tail cable is slightly different in each version. It connects a bit higher on the Logic board than on the AT&T version.

D. The vibrating mechanism on the top right corner of AT&T’s iPhone 4 seemed to take a journey to the bottom left of Verizon’s iteration of the phone.

We have just scratched the surface here. This is just a few of the more obvious differences between the two devices. We have already confirmed that an unmodified AT&T iPhone 4 backplate can not be installed on Verizon’s due to the new form factor of the frame. Parts on each of these devices will more than likely NOT be interchangeable. In response, we have created a Verizon iPhone 4 repair page in addition to our original AT&T iPhone 4 repair page. As of now, we are finalizing our stock on Verizon iPhone 4 repair parts and will be ready to roll out the full line of Verizon iPhone repairs VERY shortly. In the mean time, if your Verizon iPhone 4 is broken, cracked, or not working, give us a call. We’ll be happy to give you some info on the repair options available to you.

Man, it is COLD OUTSIDE!!!! Wow. I don’t think I’ve been colder in my life. I’ll just have to remember not to run to my car after work so I don’t slip, fall, and break my precious iPhone!!!!

Until next time folks.

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