Using your iPad as a radio

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The iPad is bigger and sleeker than most traditional radios, but with many of the same capabilities. Its hardware, accessories and array of compatible Internet radio apps make the iPad a reliable audio player, even though it does not have an FM tuner or long retractable antenna.

You can easily connect your iPad to a stereo via a headphone cable, or you can use 30 pin dock connector for third generation iPads or older. Connecting your iPad to an external system may be preferable if the resolution of the iPad's built-in speaker is too low for your tastes, suggested Radio Survivor contributor Paul Riismandel.

Another option is the AirPort Express accessory from Apple, which can output the audio originating from any iOS or OS X device that is AirPlay-enabled. As long as your iPad is on the same network as the AirPort Express, it can use AirPlay to transmit audio wirelessly, so that you do not have to worry about cords. Bluetooth speakers are another wireless option.

What about apps? There are numerous options for continuous radio listening, including Slacker Radio for on-demand access to music and TuneIn for local stations. Apple has also announced its own free Internet radio app, called iTunes Radio, which is slated for release with the upcoming iOS 7, The Guardian reported. The app will be free with ads, although users can pay to remove them.

The iPad's long battery life tops things off, since it lets you listen to music for longer periods between charges, observed Riismandel. To make sure that nothing is wrong with your iPad's battery, let iResQ's expert technicians take a look at your device. They have extensive knowledge of iPad repair and can help resolve battery or any other issues that may crop up.

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