Users not so hot on leaving Apple

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When it comes to trading Apple's iOS platform for another mobile device operating system, not many current Apple product owners are willing to do it, according to results from a recent Goldman Sachs study. The company recently surveyed 1,000 respondents and found that 21 percent said that no discount would make it worthwhile for them to leave Apple. 

Even with a discount of more than 50 percent, only 13 percent of respondents said they would switch to a different device. Bill Shope from Goldman Sachs told investors that the average single iOS customer is worth $1,053, which assumes the average selling price of an iOS-based device in June is $535 with 5 percent erosion.

“This implies a cumulative iOS customer value of nearly $295 billion on today's installed base, without any consideration for the content, services or peripherals streams, or for the platform's growth potential,” Shope wrote in a letter to investors.

Apple is Goldman Sachs' top pick in the mobile sector, according to CNN Money. If you're one of the many Apple lovers who don't want to have to get a new device because your existing Apple product, you should check out iResQ repair services. The company's Apple-Certified technicians have the iPhone and iPad repair experience to take a malfunctioning device and return it to like new quality.

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