Users enthralled over slow-mo capabilities of iPhone 5S

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With all of the new features in the latest iteration of the iPhone, one could forget a few here or there. One feature users shouldn't forget is the new slow-mo capabilities of video. The Star Online contributor Tan Kit Hoong discussed the new slow motion abilities of the iPhone 5S​ in a recent article.

The 5S camera is able to shoot in 720p resolution at 120-frames-per-second, which is easily the top in the smartphone market. Many devices will allow users to shoot slow-mo​, but not at that resolution.

The video app on the phone also allows users to shoot the video in real time and then go back and pick and choose which parts they want in slow motion.

“This means that you have very granular control when editing a video to carefully choose the parts that you want to be slow-mo AFTER you've already shot the video,” wrote Hoong.

LA Times' Salvador Rodriguez, although not exactly thrilled about the other features on the 5S, was captivated by the new slow-motion abilities of the camera, noting the usability of the function.

However, if users should try to shoot some cool videos and end up breaking their screen, they should send it to iResQ, the spot for iPhone screen repair.

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