User has great experience with iPad repair

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On the New York State Administrative Judges Association website, we were flattered to see a good review of our iPad repair services from Eric Zaidins. His device's battery stopped working so he found some favorable reviews of iResQ and decided to send the iPad our way.

“Their customer service rep promptly answered the phone and all my questions. She gave me a repair number with shipping instructions. [The repair company] provides free diagnostics and they ask only that return shipping be paid in advance via credit card,” he said. “Since my repair wasn’t an emergency I shipped the device via ground. Total cost both ways, $17. Within a day after they received it they telephoned to say that the docking/charging port needed to be replaced and that it would set me back $75.”

The next week, Zaidins said his iPad was back safe and sound and only cost him a total of $100 for the repair. While not every case will have the same price or protocol, if there's one thing we love it's hearing a great review of our service from valued customers.

Whether looking for iPad screen repair, glass replacement, a battery repair or a litany of other repairs, iPad lovers can look to iResQ to help fix their device and get it back as soon as possible.

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