Use iPhone to help treat chronic pain

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Treating chronic pain and illness is difficult by nature, but there are now iPhone apps and other tools people can use to track their goals and progress. Those with a broken smartphone should look into iPhone repair to help get their device up and running so they can take advantage of these beneficial apps.

My Pain Diary: Chronic Pain Management is one iPhone app that people can use to help them achieve gains with their back treatments. Users can show the app and the data its recorded to their doctors to give them up-to-date information about their progress. The app also tracks weather patterns, informing users about potential conditions that may worsen their back pain.

“If you are suffering from one of the many ‘always on’ conditions like RSD, Fibromyalgia, or back pain, you will want to determine a regular schedule and stick to it,” the company said. “MPD makes this easy with the reminders feature. Set this up to relieve yourself from the burden of remembering.”

People with back problems have enough to deal with that they don't need to worry about costly and time-consuming repair services. With iResQ, iPhone owners can get their devices repaired quickly and efficiently, and don't even have to worry about expensive quotes and diagnostic analyses – they're both free!

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