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Many times, people stop getting active once they start using new technology. With the iPhone, that doesn't have to be the case, as highlighted some apps that will help keep users moving. Getting too active with the smartphone? Check out what iResQ has to offer in the way of iPhone repair, as our services will allow your phone to go from cracked to new in no time.

The first app highlighted is Yonder, which helps guide users through outdoor activities near them and checkout other destinations via the app's interface.

“Thanks to your phone's GPS technology, you can find parks and reservations close to you, like Chestnut Hill Reservation,” the website said.  “Yonder's filters let you hunt for ideal places for different kinds of activities, like kayaking, hiking, or birding. And of course, you can use the app to take pictures or videos of your adventures and share them with other Yonder users, adding comments about hidden grottos or your favorite picnicking spot.”

Another app is CO Everywhere, which allows users to enter in a place they are interested in or intrigued by and gives them a running feed of what is happening in the local area, whether it be a street festival, neighborhood barbeque, concert or other event, this app will allow people who want to get out and socialize to do just that.

The last app mentioned is Racut, which is a social networking tool “without the commitment,” according to

“Racut seems to be focused on letting you chat with people who are in the same place as you — Gillette Stadium, for example,” the news source said. “But that requires that a group of people in the same place are actually using the Racut app at the same time, which will be the biggest obstacle for the startup. I could imagine it taking off on college campuses, though, or if a bar or conference venue promoted it to patrons as a way to schmooze digitally.”

Apps for runners
Runners can also find a lot of great use from the iPhone, according to Mashable, as some apps, such as RunKeeper Pro, will allow users to see their distance, speed, GPS tracking and caloric output of their run.

Another couple apps for runners include Ghost Race, which tracks times on day-to-day runs and compares progress against your “Ghost” in real-time, and Livestrong Calorie Tracker, which has foods in the database and allows users to measure their intake versus running output. Have an accident on the run? No worries, as iResQ's iPhone repair service is there to fix any possible breaks which may have happened.

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