Unreturned iPads from Shady Repair Shop

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Last week, we blogged about how a UK resident was unable to get his iPhone back from a repair shop (see that blog  here). After complaining that he did not receive his phone back repaired, the repair shop sent him the wrong one – a 4S iPhone. The repair shop wants the customer to return the 4S before sending the correct iPhone, but the customer isn’t convinced.

We found another story about this exact situation, but in the United States. In St. Louis, Missouri, several consumers have claimed they never received their iPads after sending them in for repair.

The repair shop’s rating on BBB is a “F” and it has 62 complaints against it.

What the iPad Repair Shop Has to Say About It

In an article on STLTODAY.com, an interview with a former employee of the repair shop stated: “If people are concerned about the return of their items, that will happen over time.”

What’s peculiar is that even though this person said he was a “former” employee, a couple of days after the interview, an email was sent from his name stating that the company did not have the resources to return their devices. The email then asked customers to pay to have their devices returned.

As astonishing as this case may be, it’s not the only one. Shoddy repair shops are all over the place. Don’t be a victim.

Our iPad Repair Shop Ratings and Commitment to Satisfaction

iResQ has a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

We have a 4.9 out of 5 on Google reviews, and that’s from 591 reviewers.

You can’t deny that we have done our best to satisfy our customers. We would never pull what these fly by night shops have done to people. It’s just wrong. We’ve been in business since 1994 for a reason.

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