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The iPad: It looks so simple from the outside, but underneath that minimalist veneer is a computer that can do a lot of neat, geeky things. Whether you're a tablet newcomer or already an iPad expert, you can use some of the device's more obscure gestures, shortcuts and tools to make the most of it. As an added bonus, these tips can also be useful for situations when something goes wrong on your iPad, like an app crashing.

At the heart of the iPad's secret stash is its keyboard. Do you mainly type on your iPad using your thumbs? Although useful for maintaining a good grip, such an approach to keyboarding can make it tough to reach certain letters like G and H that are more toward the middle of the screen. But the solution is hiding in plain sight, right inside the iPad's keyboard button at the lower right, offered CNET contributor Dennis O'Reilly.

Once you press and hold the lines on the right side of the keyboard button, you are given the option to split the keyboard, which means that you can reach more of the alphabet with each thumb. If you like your left thumb more than your right or vice-versa, then each side of the split keyboard also has invisible keys just off its edge, so that you can reach to enter the letters that would normally be there.

Your keyboard can also create shortcuts so that you don't have to repeatedly type large amounts of text. Go to the keyboard toggles in the Settings app, and select Add New Shortcut. Here you will be able to  enter a shortcut phrase like “ABC,” which when typed will output a longer saved phrase.

Dealing with crashes
The iPad has a few other tricks that can help in more dire situations like app crashes. Most of the time, crashes are caused by simple reasons that can be addressed using the iPad's multitasking bar, according to a PadGadget article.

Double click the iPad home button or perform a four finger upward swipe to reveal the multitasking menu. Find the app that has crashed or is running slowly, and then tap it until it wobbles. Finally, tap the minus sign badge on it to close it. You may also need to restart your iPad to ensure that the app gets back to normal.

Splitting your keyboard and corralling a misbehaving app are easy compared to fixing hardware damage to your iPad. If you have problems with it, bring it to iResQ! Our technicians are experts at iPad repair.

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