Unique Twist to iPad 2 Repair

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Hello out there and Happy March Madness everyone!! It’s been a tumultuous first couple of days within the NCAA tournament. I hope your bracket picks included some upsets…who picked Lousville to lose in the first round? Anyhow, we did something pretty unique with one of our iPad 2 Digitizer Replacements per a customer’s request. Here’s the story. A customer went to the store on the iPad 2’s launch day to purchase a black iPad 2. Well, the store was out of black iPads so the customer “settled” with a white one. Not too long afterward. the customer dropped and cracked the iPad (see the “Before” picture). Once we received the unit, we were told by the customer to go ahead and install a black digitizer on the iPad and leave the white home button on. We were pretty surprised at how nice the iPad 2 looked after the repair. Just take a gander below. If you find yourself in the same predicament as the aforementioned customer, or if you have a white iPad 2 and are looking for something a little different with your brand new iPad, we can certainly accomodate. Just place an order for an iPad 2 Digitizer replacement from our iPad repair page, and fill in the form during the checkout process that you would like a black digitizer installed while keeping the white home button. Or, if you have a cracked white digitizer and just want to get it replaced with another, we can do that too!


After, with the white home button.

Well, lets keep this short and sweet. Good luck with your tournament pics!

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