Unbreak My (iPad) Heart

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Happy April Fool’s Day!

I personally was a victim of this heinous holiday when I saw this link: iCade – iPad Arcade Cabinet

The nerve of the folks over at ThinkGeek… they broke my heart when I tried to buy the iCade and found out that it’s all an April Fool’s joke. They burned me so bad that I made a Toni Braxton reference in the title of my blog post. I love old arcade games and this would have fit on my desk at work! I guess I’ll have to settle for the old school Nerf basketball goal to fill the void.

I’m all for light-hearted humor, so no hard feelings. I just need to set my iCal to remind me every year that it’s April Fool’s Day so I don’t open myself up for disappointment.

OK back to business. Speaking of un-breaking iPads, that is exactly what we’re geared up to do.

The new iPad repairs include services for a wide range of broken, malfunctioning or otherwise damaged iPad parts, including:

Don’t worry, we’ll be right on top of any iPad happenings in the next few days. Start the countdown! Two days remain until the iPad hits the stores (unless we can figure out a way to get it tomorrow–fingers crossed).

Now get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather (about 80 and sunny here in KC).

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