Two new smartphone screen protectors hold up well in tests

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No iPhone or Galaxy users like dealing with a cracked screen and needing to send devices in for repairs. While cases offer a little protection, the best bet might be a screen protector. According to recent tests of two newly released protectors, screen protectors hold up well against a variety of factors.

One of the products tested was the Amzer ShatterProof. Business Insider's William Wei decided to test out the companies claims that the product was able to protect screens from shattering. Wei and his co-workers took a variety of household tools to the protector, such as drills and hammers, to see if they could bust the iPhone glass through it. The test found that it was incredibly durable. This protector is also available for the Samsung Galaxy as well.

BGR's Jacob Siegal talked about a test that was performed on the screen protector Rhino Shield. This exam went through a few more possibilities like dropping the phone or taking a knife to it. But much like the ShatterProof, the Rhino Shield held up well to everything thrown at it. 

The best part about each protector is that they aren't incredibly noticeable once placed over the screen. If positioned correctly, they work just like a normal iPhone or Android screen, while obviously offering increased protection against a cracked screen.

New product helps apply screen protector on phone
The only knock with screen protectors is applying them. It can be tricky, frustrating and just when a user thinks they have it, it pops off again or they notice an air bubble. However, a new product looks to assist those placing a protector on their iPhones. According to Cult of Mac, the ALIN helps users avoid common problems when putting on a screen protector.

The ALIN provides multiple screen protectors and an alignment tool that snaps on to the iPhone. The tool makes placing the protector a cinch, as it slides into a gap that puts it perfectly onto the phone. Users still need to be wary of any flecks of dust that could cause bubbles to form when installing the protector. However, it is well worth the $25 cost.

If a screen protector fails and you end up with a cracked iPhone screen or a Galaxy S3 cracked screen, be sure to send it in to iResQ, as their experts can take care of all iPhone and smartphone repairs.

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