Turn your iPad into a miniature Foosball table

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If you've always wanted a Foosball table in your home but just never had the space for it, there may be a solution. A recent article in Gizmodo featured a new product from New Potato Technologies that allows you to turn your iPad into a miniature Foosball table.

The company has created a unique and elaborate iPad housing that looks and works like an actual Foosball table. Your iPad docks into place with the screen facing up for interactive play, and the base is complete with four mini legs and eight two-axis control rods. To get the games rolling, the table comes with a free app that includes the field, ball, players and sound effects.

“Gameplay features all the elements you can think of in a complete simulation, but unlike simple software-only foosball emulation apps, this accessory brings the real deal to your iPad with advanced peripheral-to-game dynamics for an incredible experience,” explained New Potato Technologies on the website.

If you've played Foosball in the past, you know that matches can sometimes get a bit heated. If a particularly heated game leads to a few bumps and bruises for your tablet, iResQ's iPad screen repair services can get you back in the game.

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